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Purple grapes may prevent breast cancer

Women who drink a glass of purple grape juice every day can lower their risk of breast cancer, say experts.

A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food has found that natural compounds found in a special variety of "concord" grapes can protect healthy human breast cells from DNA damage.

Concord grapes contain a high level of anthocyanins, potent natural antioxidants, which give the juice its characteristic deep purple colour.

"These new data suggest that anthocyanins present in Concord grape juice, as well as some other fruits and juices, warrant further study for their breast cancer chemopreventive potential," says lead researcher Dr Keith Singletary at the University of Illinois.

The study suggests purple grape juice slow the progression of breast cancer by decelerating the speed at which cancer cells multiply.

Dr Singletary concludes that 100 percent grape juice may also help to protect the heart.

Journal of Medicinal Food