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Quick tests to cut chlamydia rates

A new test for chlamydia which delivers results within half an hour could rapidly cut the spread of the disease, research has shown.

The speed at which Chlamydia Rapid Tests can be analysed means that people could be treated at screening clinics straight away if they were found to have the infection.

And a study published in the British Medical Journal reveals that 75% of women would be willing to wait between half an hour and two hours for their results.

The study, which looked at the experiences of 1,300 women at three test centres in the UK, also suggested that quick diagnosis would cut the potential spread of the infection between partners.

It found the tests, which are done by the patients themselves via a vaginal swab, are cheap and easy to use and are particularly effective in ensuring women stayed at the clinic to have further treatment.

The research comes after figures revealed chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the UK, with an estimated 10% of young people testing positive for the disease.

Chlamydia itself often has no symptoms, but if left undiagnosed it can lead to ectopic pregnancies and in some cases infertility.

British Medical Journal

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"Sound like an excellent idea. In the area i work in we are still using archiac enodcervical swabs." - Name and address supplied