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Quit smoking services help 20,000 people

Over ten years, stop smoking services have helped 20,000 people to quit in England. 

A study published on claims that the services have successfully reached many disadvantaged groups, however, performance has varied “considerably”. 

Researchers from University College London said the services are in need of attention. 

When stop smoking services are properly established, at least 50% of users will stop for four weeks. Around 15% will last 12 months. 

Without the services, only 15% last four weeks and less than 5% go a full year without smoking. 

Disadvantaged smokers also used the services, with 54% receiving free prescriptions in 2010/11 alone. 

In the study, the researchers state: “Bearing in mind the difficulty in quitting experienced by smokers who typically attend stop smoking services, even a 35% four week quit rate represents a substantial impact when applied to the nearly 800,000 quit dates set with the services in 2010/11.” 

The researchers also note that services which offer group-based support and specialist services with dedicated staff as well as nicotine replacement achieve the highest success rates. 

Performance of English stop smoking services in first 10 years: analysis of service monitoring data is available to view on