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RCN debate unsocial hours payments

The Royal College of Nursing has launched a consultation into paying all NHS staff the same rate for working unsocial hours.

Unsocial hour payments for NHS staff are covered by the Agenda for Change.

The proposals would see registered nurses retaining their current rate of "time plus 30%" for working unsocial hours on Saturdays and weekdays.

They would also retain their "time plus 60%" for Sundays and bank holidays.

But the current cap at the top of band six would be removed, allowing all registered nurses - including those on higher bands - to receive the supplement on their full earnings.

Unsocial hours payments for many healthcare assistants would rise.

Supplements for care assistants on band three would increase from 33 to 37% for Saturdays and weekdays, and from 66% to 74% for Sundays and bank holidays.

The unsocial hour payment proposals are under debate until the 18 February.

Royal College of Nursing

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“How can a single parent with two children to support and no family support possibly work unsocial hours?  Where are the childcare facilities when the children finish school and you are at a hospital 20 miles away? Then you are working for nothing to pay babysitters - how does a nurse pay the bills then? Of course being a highly skilled professional means she should work for nothing does it? Why is nursing so badly paid? Twenty years of work and I am still earning less than unskilled workers all over the country?” - Name and address supplied