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RCN: Europe needs to collaborate on mental health

Europe must collaborate on mental health research, in order to reduce its cost and burden, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said in response to a report published this week.

The report ROAMER (A Roadmap for Mental Health in Europe), suggested that jointly-funded European mental health research is necessary, and inaction is “no longer an option”.

In response to the report, published in Lancet Psychiatry, Ian Hulatt, RCN Mental Health Advisor said: “A key element of this project is its emphasis on collaboration between European countries, encouraging the sharing of both mental health and policy research. Through this joint effort we can benefit from each other's learning and accelerate our progress in treating mental health disorders.

“Nursing is a global profession that benefits greatly from the sharing of knowledge and expertise. This project aims to prove beyond doubt that investing in mental health research is money well spent - improving the lives of patients, carers and society as a whole.” 

The six priorities highlighted for further research are:  promoting mental health and focusing on young people; focusing on causes; setting up international collaborations; new intervention methods (eg internet-based treatment); reducing stigma; and research in health and social care systems.

Hulatt added: “The extensive findings demonstrate how through research we can actually tackle this and begin to reap the rewards of healthier populations.”