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RCN launches 'This is Nursing' campaign

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has launched a nationwide campaign aiming to demonstrate to the wider public the true reality of modern day nursing.

This is Nursing features advertisements on London buses and tube stations for two weeks starting today (17th September) showing nurses combining their clinical skills with their emotional strength in “challenging” situations.

One advert contains an image of a nurse and a young girl alongside the text “It took skill and expertise to save Emma's life. And compassion to make her smile again.”

The RCN said the examples portrayed in the advertisements are “extremely positive” about the care delivered by nurses, “without shying away from the profound challenges the profession faces”.

“These adverts are the RCN's way of showing the extraordinary skill, care and compassion our members demonstrate with their patients every single day,” said Dr Peter Carter, RCN Chief Executive and General Secretary.

“We also want to show that despite all of these skills, nurses work under a great deal of pressure.

“We want to invite members of the public to imagine what it might be like to be the nurse, dealing with life or death situations and being with people at the crucial moments in their lives. We know it takes a remarkable person to be a nurse; it is time we told the world.”

The RCN will also use the campaign to explore some of the “systemic factors” that stand in the way of delivering good care, such as: staffing levels, professional attitudes and behaviours, education and leadership.

It is claimed the public will be able to get a unique insight into nursing through the RCN's dedicated This is Nursing website by following carers in different settings throughout a typical day. 

The new Health Minister for nursing Dr Dan Poulter said he is “delighted” Prime Minister David Cameron has made nursing a “top priority”

"This campaign should make us all stop, think and take the time to celebrate the skill and compassion nurses are providing day in, day out, in our NHS,” he said.

“Nursing requires impressive clinical skills as well as the most important thing for patients - large amounts of care and compassion.

“I am delighted that our Prime Minister, David Cameron, has made nursing one of the Government's top priorities, and the Royal College of Nursing has highlighted a number of ways nurses can be better supported.

“The government looks forward to working to support the Royal College of Nursing as their campaign progresses."

Just like the RCN's This is Nursing campaign, Nursing in Practice also wants to highlight the work of primary care and community nurses through its RESPECT campaign. Visit our dedicated page and sign up today!