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RCN launches patient dignity resource pack for nurses

A new package of resources was yesterday (13 October 2008) launched for nurses to help them provide care that prioritises patients' dignity.

The resource pack, including a DVD exploring issues of patient diginity, has been launched by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) following their survey earlier this year in which eight out of 10 nurses said they left work feeling distressed or upset because they felt that they weren't able to ensure that their patients received the care they deserved.

Dr Peter Carter, RCN Chief Executive, said: "Dignity should not be an afterthought or an optional extra. Each and every patient - whether they are in a hospital, a GP's surgery, in the community or in a care home - deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Dignity should be integral to nursing care and this campaign is a big step in the right direction.

Dr Carter said the RCN resource pack “represents a giant leap towards providing dignified care for every patient and client in every part of healthcare.”

The Practice Support Pack, Delivering dignified care, was developed by the RCN and Help the Aged working together. It will enable nursing team to share best practice by holding workshops locally, so that everyone in health and social care put patient dignity at the heart of everything they do.

This resource includes a DVD with anecdotes of why patient dignity is so important, short films that illustrate how people feel when they don't receive dignified care and examples of how many nurses across the country are already leading the way in providing dignified patient care.

The influencing pack, Small changes make a big difference, will help nurses develop their influencing skills so that they can take practical steps to maintain and promote dignity for patients in their workplace.