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Readmission lapse could mean six weeks out of work, warns NMC

From November, any nurse that allows their registration to lapse could be out of work for up to six weeks, while waiting for a readmission, the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) warned today.

It is illegal to work in a role requiring registration in any circumstance while you are unregistered.

If nurses do not re-register in time they will need to make an application for readmission to regain access to the register. “This process can take between two and six weeks, depending on circumstances,” the NMC statement read.

Any nurse who is still working during this time may be subject to a fitness to practise investigation or referred to the registrar's advisory group for consideration.

Previously if a nurse or midwife was late to pay their fee or renew their registration they had a period of three months where they could immediately be re-registered, rather than go through the more timely readmissions process. During this shorter process they also wouldn't be able to work.