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Record number on antidepressants

The number of prescriptions for antidepressants has hit an all-time high, a mental health charity claims.

More than 31 million were written last year - up 6% on the year before, according to Mind.

Statistics show that within this figure, prescriptions for serotonin specific reuptake inhibitors including Prozac have risen by 10% from 14.7 million to 16.2 million in England.

It comes as the charity released research showing that country walks can help reduce depression and raise self-esteem.

This has led to calls for "ecotherapy" to become a recognised treatment for people with mental health problems.

Ecotherapy: The Green Agenda for Mental Health, is the first study looking at how "green" exercise specifically affects those suffering from depression.

According to Mind, it produced "startling" results proving the need for ecotherapy to be considered a proper treatment option.

Mind chief executive Paul Farmer now believes these measures will play an important part in the future of mental health treatments.

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