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Repeat cervical smears less frequent

More women are being spared the inconvenience of having to repeat their cervical screening tests, statistics show.

The Information Centre figures also reveal that more women are getting the results of their test back quickly and have faster access to follow-up care.

The percentage of inadequate samples for women that require a retake has fallen from 7.2% last year to 2.7% this year.

Some 48% of women obtained their test results within a month compared with only 32% last year.

Access to colposcopy was also faster, 17% of women were seen within 2 weeks this year compared with only 15% last year.

For women with severe or invasive carcinoma, 84% were referred within 2 weeks, 9% more than last year.

These results come, however, after the recent publication of results that show less women are attending their cervical smear tests than last year.

A full report of the Cervical Screening Programme, England, 2006-7 is available from the Information Centre.

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