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Research does not link mobile phones to brain cancer

A six year research programme has found no evidence to link mobile phone usage with brain cancer.

Individual studies on volunteers also showed that brain function is not affected by mobile phone signals or signals used by the emergency services.

The Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) have since stated that there is no further need to support work in this area.

However, whether using a mobile phone for over 10 years effects brain function is still unknown.

Professor Lawrie Challis, Chairman of MTHR, said: "This is a very substantial report from a large research programme.

"The work reported today has all been published in respected peer-reviewed scientific or medical journals.

"The results are so far reassuring, but there is still a need for more research, especially to check that no effects emerge from longer-term phone use from adults and from use by children."

Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research