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Research training fund offered to nurses

More research training will be offered to nurses, midwives and allied health professionals, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced today (8 March).

Speaking at the annual Florence Nightingale conference, Lansley said healthcare professionals will receive funding to undertake further education in the research field - either through Masters degrees, PHDs or internships - to increase innovation in the NHS.   

It is hoped that, once qualified, nurses would be able to use their research to inform day-to-day duties and ensure these practices are adopted in other hospitals and clinics.

“This strategy will help the nurses, midwives and allied health professionals develop their research skills and to maintain our global position as a centre of scientific excellence,” said Lansley.

“Often it is those with first hand knowledge of caring for patients who can apply their skills in improving patient care. This is about investing in our nurses, midwives and allied health professionals so they are able to offer the best care possible and make the NHS even better.”

The scheme will be managed through the National Institute of Health Research.

Question: Will you be taking advantage of the new research training scheme?