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Rethink of NHS reform expected

The government is to announce details of a rethink of its reforms for the NHS amid concerns over the original plans.

The relaunch comes after independent experts suggested a number of amendments to the plans, and Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to say he accepts the bulk of the suggestions.

The rewrite comes months after the Health and Social Care Bill was stalled as concerns were raised over moves to increase competition and put GPs in charge of £60bn.

The amendments were suggested by the NHS Future Forum, which recently published its findings over the flagship policy.

A triumphant Nick Clegg told Liberal Democrat MPs and peers that the scale of the rethink meant the party's key demands had been "very, very handsomely met".

Dissent within the ranks of the Deputy Prime Minister's party over the bill had threatened to open up a dangerous split between the governing coalition partners.

Mr Cameron also appeared to have convinced most Tory MPs that the reforms had not been watered down too far to appease the Lib Dems but faced a serious battle to win back public opinion.

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