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Royal wedding - the morning after

The royal wedding marked an amorous occasion for one area - with demand for the morning after pill tripling over the celebratory weekend, according to NHS Northamptonshire.

Heidi King, who helps deliver sexual health and contraception awareness campaigning in the county, said: "Of course, it's our job to make sure that while people enjoy themselves they are also looking after themselves and their partners.

"That's why NHS Northamptonshire is giving out wrist bands and information to young people over the summer to promote our free C Card scheme, which they can sign up to and get free condoms from over 200 outlets in the county.

"Whatever else they say, these figures suggest some people may not be thinking enough about their contraceptive needs."

She said there are 15 different methods of contraception and advised people to go to their GP or local contraceptive or family planning clinic to discuss their choices.

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