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Sausage a day raises cancer risk

Just one sausage a day can increase the risk of bowel cancer by a fifth, according to a charity expert.

The chances of developing the cancer increases by 20% if a person consumes just 1.8oz (50g) of processed meat each day.

Prof Martin Wiseman, medical and scientific adviser for the World Cancer Research Fund, said there was strong evidence which linked processed meats and cancer.

The charity wants more to be done to publicise the fact that those who regularly eat processed meat are putting their health at risk.

Only 30% of Britons know the risks behind eating processed meat, Prof Wiseman said.

Processed meat is defined as that which is preserved by smoking, curing, salting or the addition of preservatives.

Examples include ham, bacon, pastrami, salami, hot dogs and processed sausages.

Prof Wiseman said: "We are more sure now than ever before that eating processed meat increases your risk of bowel cancer and this is why WCRF recommends that people avoid eating it.

"The evidence is that whether you are talking about bacon, ham or pastrami - the safest amount to eat is none at all."

World Cancer Research Fund

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"More controls should be placed on scientists' statistics. Presumably they can calculate what the additional mortality risk is? So why do they give us meaningless statistics like 20% more likely? My mother walks regularly in the countryside, and her risk of death by lightning is 1000 times mine. But her additional risk is nearly zero. Lets have the meaningful figures please." - John H Woods, Stratford-upon-Avon