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Schools to keep emergency asthma inhalers

From October, schools will be able to keep an emergency inhaler for children who experience an asthma attack while at school. 

Currently it is illegal for schools to keep emergency inhalers on the premises. 

However, at a recent parliamentary health question time, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the updated law will come into force from 1 October 2014. 

Charity Asthma UK estimates that more than 900,000 children will benefit from having access to a spare inhaler. 

Kay Boycott, chief executive of Asthma UK told specialist website Nursery World: “This change in the law will undoubtedly be a huge relief to millions of parents across the UK so we are delighted the government has made this historic commitment to keeping children with asthma safe at school.

“It is absolutely vital that every child with asthma has an asthma action plan. These help parents to understand their child's symptoms, how to know if their child's asthma is getting worse and what they need to do about it. Children who don't have an action plan are four times more likely to need to go to hospital for their asthma.” 

Expert advice on creating asthma action plans for children is available on the Asthma UK website.



The spare inhaler will be kept in the first aid kit at school. The inhaler will be available for use by any child who has lost, forgotten or broken their own.