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Scots and Irish at greater risk of drink-related death

Alcohol-related deaths in England and Wales are twice as high among people born in Scotland or Ireland compared with the rest of the population, a study has shown.

Scientists at Edinburgh University used data relating to deaths in England and Wales from 1999 to 2003 and the 2001 census to gather information on a person's country of origin and their likelihood of dying from an alcohol-related condition.

Dr Neeraj Bhala, a university research fellow who led the study, said: "These groups have a greater culture of drinking than their counterparts in England and Wales.

"That translates into health-related problems and, consequently, to alcohol-related deaths.

"Our findings show significant differences in death rates by country of birth for both alcohol-related deaths and liver cancer. We now need to focus on developing new policy, research and practical action to help address those differences."

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