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Scots "suffer more heart problems"

English people moving to Scotland are 20% less likely to die from heart disease than those born in the country, a study claims.

Those moving to the country are a fifth less likely to die from heart problems, according to researchers at the University of Edinburgh, which they put down to a lack of "Scottish lifestyle".

The study also found that people from other parts of the UK are less likely to take up the bad habits associated with this "lifestyle", such as poor diet and a lack of exercise.

Dr Colin Fischbacher, who led the study, said this may be due to the fact that many people moving to Scotland are well-off professionals.

He added that rates of heart disease in the country are worse than previously thought, despite Scotland being branded the heart attack capital of the UK.

Dr Fischbacher said: "Scots seem to have worse rates of heart disease than even our bad lifestyles would explain.

"Whatever the reason, the English moving to Scotland seem to escape it."

The study was published in the Scottish Medical Journal.

University of Edinburgh

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