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Scottish men urged on cancer checks

Men in Scotland need to "wake up" and start examining themselves for signs of cancer or face an early death, a politician claims.

Conservative public health spokesman Jackson Carlaw said men in the country will do anything to avoid checking their bodies for testicular cancer.

Charities have had much success in raising awareness among women about the need to examine themselves for symptoms of breast cancer.

But prostate cancer is one of the three most common forms of the disease among men, and Mr Carlaw said: "Men are dying because they have failed to get organised in anything like the way women have over the health issues that are most pressing for them.

"They are recklessly disengaged from the whole debate about their own health.

"When it comes to prostate cancer, 66% of Scottish men do not even know where the prostate is."

The West of Scotland MSP added: "When it comes to testicular cancer, men would sooner get out their feather duster and don their pinny for a spot of housework - or even learn to dance the tango - before they'd contemplate self examination, let alone discuss it.

"Scots men need to wake up, join in and campaign for a culture that puts the discussion of their health and the detection of their life threatening diseases on an equal footing with those of Scots women."

Jackson Carlaw

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