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Scottish school meals becoming healthier

Sweets and fatty foods will disappear from menus in Scottish primary schools from this August as new rules make school dinners the healthy option.

Under the new regulations being introduced in Parliament this week, primary schools will:

  • Offer at least two portions of fruit and vegetables every lunchtime.
  • Provide free drinking water to pupils throughout the day.
  • Limit deep fried food to three items each week.

Sweets and fizzy drinks will be removed from schools and chips will only be served as part of an overall balanced and nutritional meal.

Maureen Watt, Minister for Schools and Skills, said:

"Putting healthy options on a plate for pupils every day will develop their taste for the food that's good for them and stop unhealthy habits from taking hold.

"That means they benefit on a daily basis and for the rest of their lives."

The nutritional regulations were created with input from a group of nutrition, child health, dental and education experts who gave their advice on what should be served up in school canteens and vending machines. Ministers considered the proposals which have led to the new nutritional guidelines for Scottish schools that will be written in to legislation.

The new legislation will come into force in secondary schools from August 3, 2009 to allow them more time to make a phased transition to the healthier menus. However, schools which feel able to make the changes effectively from August this year will be encouraged to do so.

The Scottish Government

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