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Senior nurse struck off following 'degrading' abuse

A clinical manager at a Liverpool care home has been struck off after subjecting an 85-year-old dementia patient to a torrent of 'degrading and humiliating' abuse.

David Hill was convicted on the 4 May 2010 at a Liverpool Crown Court of ill-treatment and/or willful neglect of a patient, known as Resident A.

Hill was sentenced to six months imprisonment following the abuse.

In light of the conviction, a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) moved to strike Hill off the nursing register, ruling his fitness to practice was impaired.

The panel heard that while on duty at the dementia unit of the Victoria Care Home, Hill force-fed a vulnerable patient, flicked food at her, put her in a hoist and spun her around.

The NMC noted the judge overseeing Hill's case described his actions as "degrading and humiliating" and that he had "grossly abused a position of trust". Furthermore, it was the judge's view that Hill should never again be placed in a position of responsibility or trust such as the one he had previously held.

The NMC panel agreed and imposed an interim suspension order for a period of 18 months to cover the period of an appeal. 


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"Most homes are under staffed, often there is not enough qualified on each shift. Workloads can be overwhelming, no support etc, can lead to all sorts of problems such as not giving adequate care, monitoring of staff, their attitudes, the way they work and so on. For many years most care homes have been run for profit. Staff development and working conditions have not been addressed and it is now beginning to show" - Chris, UK