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Shadow Health Secretary backs NiP's RESPECT campaign

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham has become the latest NHS heavyweight to get behind Nursing in Practice's RESPECT campaign.

Burnham said he is “amazed” by the work carried out by nurses in the community and had no hesitation in supporting NiP's campaign - designed to raise the profile of primary care and community nursing.

“Absolutely I would endorse the RESPECT campaign. I am amazed by what nurses do in the community - it is where the NHS hits the 'whole person',” he said.

“Primary care and community nurses are also a very forgotten part of the system at times, often found ploughing away with really crucial stuff but then get left out of the big debates.

“One of the things I am most proud of our time in government is how we enhanced the professional status of nursing through extended prescribing and the extra professional development we opened up.”

As part of the campaign, NiP has created an e-petition, to call for a national day of recognition for primary care nurses in May 2013.

We need help to reach 100,000 signatures to trigger a debate in parliament to make the day a reality.

Please spread the word to your NHS colleagues and patients around the UK.

Click here to sign up!