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Simple asthma treatment patients' priority

People with asthma would be willing to sacrifice improved symptom relief if their treatment plan was made simpler and easier to self-manage, a survey shows.

Researchers suggest that more people would take their asthma medicines correctly if their management plans were more flexible and patient-centred.

The survey of 147 adults found that most with moderate or more severe asthma considered a simple treatment regimen more important than symptom control without compromise in the long-term management of their condition.

The authors commented: "Taking a flexible, patient-centred approach to asthma management means focusing on issues that patients consider important."

Edwina Wooler, Asthma UK's clinical lead, added: "Asthma UK supports the need for patients to be empowered in the management of their asthma and be fully engaged negotiating personal asthma action plans which are sensitive to their lifestyle."

Asthma UK

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