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Skin cancer "epidemic" in Scotland

Scotland is experiencing a skin cancer "epidemic" and new laws need to be brought in to regulate sunbeds, an MSP claims.

East Renfrewshire Labour member Ken Macintosh is calling for under-18s to be banned from using the machines, and for unstaffed salons to be prohibited.

He told MSPs on the Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport Committee that around 100 deaths a year in the UK are due to people using sunbeds.

Mr Macintosh is also demanding that salon operators provide more information on the dangers of using the devices.

He said: "Scotland is in the grip of what many health commentators have described as a skin cancer epidemic.

"Skin cancer has more than trebled over the last 30 years and there is a very straightforward reason for this - that is the rise in popularity of tanning.

"It has been estimated that 100 of the 2,000 deaths every year in the UK from skin cancer can be attributed to the use of sunbed salons.

"That is 100 deaths from a purely cosmetic exercise."

He added: "I want to raise awareness of the dangers of tanning, particularly tanning salons, and I want us to avoid paying the price 20 years from now from the growth in popularity of tanning salons over the past decade."

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