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Sleep deprivation alters lifestyles

New research shows that more than two-thirds of people put off having sex if they are tired, while a quarter admit to missing work if they have not slept well.

The poll, which was carried out for cramp treatment Crampex, reveals that 68% avoid sex when they are weary, and 80% would rather go without sex than have a poor night's sleep.

The survey also found that three-quarters of those questioned wake up every morning feeling exhausted, while 40% want to take a snooze during the day.

Two-thirds are regularly kept awake by stress and worries, with money causing the most anxiety, followed by work, family concerns and health.

A total of 46% of people said they get an average of six hours or less sleep a night, while 18% are getting by on less than five hours.

Dr Chris Idzikowski from the Edinburgh Sleep Centre said: "It seems we are heading for an exhaustion meltdown as a nation and our lifestyles are leaving us constantly tired.

"This is detrimental to our health and it is vital everyone makes time to get plenty of good quality sleep.  

"A good night's sleep not only keeps you feeling alert and refreshed, but it can also help weight loss, reduce depression and keep you feeling at your best."

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Edinburgh Sleep Centre

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"Listening to relaxing music before bed, essential oil drops on your pillow, i.e lavender, marjoram and/or chamomile can help. Trying not to think, especially about work, etc when trying to go to sleep. Try concentrating on something pleasant like sitting on a beach, or a white wall and relax" - Name and address supplied

"Not eating after 9pm and not watching television before going to bed nor getting into heavy discussions with my spouse. My last cup of tea is at or before 9pm. I sleep better when we have white meat instead of beef" - Margaret, Sussex

"15 minutes formal meditation before bed, quietens my mind and helps me sleep better" - Fedor Bunge

"Unwind before you go to bed, read a book, watch a film or anything that helps you to relax. Do not take the troubles of work or money issues to bed with you. Every problem has a solution any worrying is not one of them. The worrying will harm you before the problem does" - Name and address supplied

"Drink Dr Stuart's Valerian Tea. You will not only be calm but sleep well" - Name and address supplied

"Take early retirement - it is ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL" - Name and address supplied

"Sometimes this can be due to disturbance from neighbours. Parenting skills often encourage, rather than help a baby/child's sleep patterns. Combined with the trend for wooden floors, neighbours are subjected to disturbed sleep too" - Name and address supplied

"Going to sleep with the mind in peace, leaving problems at work" - Name and address supplied