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Smokefree laws not enough

Not satisfied with smokefree legislation, Asthma UK are now lobbying the government to maintain a "strong smoking control strategy".

The charity wants MPs to continue to highlight the dangers of smoking and not ringfence funds for smoking cessation services.

"Whilst we welcome the new legislation, more work must be done to encourage people to give up this deadly habit," says Mikis Euripdes, Assistant Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Asthma UK.

"It is vital that adequate support services are available to these people following 1 July to help the kick the habit once and for all."

Asthma UK has worked tirelessly to lobby the government to pass smokefree laws.

They say that people with asthma across England have been looking forward to the smoking ban.

England has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world, with 4.4 million people affected by the condition.

Some 82% of people with asthma in England say that cigarette smoke make their symptoms worse. Another 15% of full-time and part-time workers say that cigarette smoke at work worsens their asthma symptoms.

Mikis Euripdes, Assistant Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Asthma UK, says: "For people with asthma the effects of smoking can be deadly.  

"The legislation will be truly life-changing for these people. It will ensure that they are protected from secondhand smoke in the workplace and allow them to socialise in enclosed public places without the fear of a fatal asthma attack."

Asthma UK

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