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Smokers invited online to quit

Antismoking campaigners are mixing high technology with the art of hypnotism in a bid to help users quit the habit.

Clinical hypnotherapist John Wesdorp has launched an innovative online hypnotherapy clinic where smokers can log on to an online hypnotherapy clinic to receive instant hypnotherapy 24 hours a day.
Mr Wesdorp said: "Hypnotherapy has proven success in helping people to quit smoking. It's just the method of delivery that is new.

"There are over a billion smokers in the world, a large percentage of those want to stop or is seriously considering giving up. By offering hypnotherapy online, we can help people instantly and charge considerably less than traditional one-on-one hypnotherapy costs, so that even those on the lowest incomes can afford to get immediate help."
"This clinic has the potential to free hundreds of thousands of people from a damaging and expensive addiction, and even save lives."
The process involves logging on to the website and answering a number of questions about smoking habits to determine the suitability of the therapy. Smokers hoping to quit will then be asked to sit and listen to a hypnotherapy session.

The sessions, which costs £25, take less than one hour and are offered on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

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