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Smoking ban "helping people quit"

The ban on lighting up in public places appears to be working, as a new survey shows nearly one in five smokers are planning to kick the habit.

And 23% of smokers have cut down since the law prohibiting smoking in pubs, clubs, and offices came into effect, the YouGov poll found.

Local smoking cessation services, employers, GPs, and other organisations are now encouraging people to stop for No Smoking Day on Wednesday.

GMTV's resident doctor Hilary Jones said: "Quitting can be the single most beneficial step a smoker can take to improve their health.

"It's a habit that kills around half of all long-term smokers, but the good news is that quitting starts to reverse the damage almost immediately.

"It's fantastic to see so many people committing to quit on No Smoking Day."

No Smoking Day chief executive Dan Tickle added: "If you're ready to quit, there's never been a better time.

"Sign up for the challenge and you can raise money to support your favourite charity while you quit - and we'll send you free supportive text or email messages.

"But don't forget the free local help that's available. Get help from your stop smoking service and you're up to four times more likely to succeed."

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