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STI diagnoses on the rise

The number of new sexually transmitted infections (STIs) diagnosed around the UK is continuing to rise.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) data show STI diagnoses have increased 2% between 2005 and 2006, from 368,341 to 376, 508.

Since 2005 chlamydia diagnoses have increased by 4%, genital warts by 3% and genital herpes by 9%.

In contrast, gonorrhoea and syphilis diagnosis numbers have both dropped by 1%.

The Agency is most concerned about young adults and gay men and believe it crucial that these groups receive safe sex messages.

Head of the Agency's STI department Dr Gwenda Hughes said: "We have seen a continued and substantial increase in infections amongst gay men.

"This is of concern because by engaging in unsafe sex these men are also placing themselves at risk of HIV infection."

He adds that the continued rise in STIs may in part be due to more people coming forward for testing.

He concludes: "The more people who are screened the more will be diagnosed and this will help in the cotnrol of these infections."

Health Protection Agency

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