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Stress "ignored by many people"

A poll has suggested that many people suffering from stress in the UK ignore the issue.

The Mental Health Foundation study found that 50% of those polled felt stressed at least once a week - while 63% would not take any action.

The study also found that 21% of people suffer stress every day.

Among those that do tackle the issue, a third cite spending time alone as an effective method.

Also, for slightly more than a quarter of people (26%), comfort food was listed as a top stress buster.

People should actively manage stress by remaining sociable and talking about their problems, eating healthily and practising mindfulness - a combination of meditation, yoga and breathing techniques - to counter the related risk of suffering depression or physical health problems, the Mental Health Foundation said.

Dr Andrew McCulloch, chief executive of the foundation, said: "The economic costs of unmanaged stress are huge and increasing - 11 million lost working days a year at the last count - while the personal costs for those who experience it, and their families and friends, is of equal concern.

"Unmanaged stress can additionally develop into mental health problems, such as depression, as well as increasing the risk of physical problems, such as heart disease."

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