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Study to determine real impact of occupation on asthma

Researchers are looking into the link between asthma and occupation in order to help those who develop asthma as a result of their job.

Asthma UK aim to identify the major occupations and occupational exposures associated with asthma.

Experts hope to confirm associations between asthma and occupations such as baking and cleaning.

Lead researcher Debbie Jarvis from the National Heart and Lung Institute Imperial College said: "Although many people develop asthma in childhood we know that some occupations may cause asthma in those who have not had symptoms before.

"The work we are planning to do will help asses the impact of work on asthma and the impact of asthma on the working lives of people with asthma."

The research will analyse data collected from 10,000 people born in one week in 1958.  

Victoria King, research development manager at Asthma UK said: "Asthma UK supports this research to determine the levels of occupational asthma in the UK and the need for employers to recognise potential sensitisers and triggers in the workplace."

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