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Study: Increased risk of CVD for diabetics with hypoglycaemia

Type 2 diabetics with severe hypoglycaemia are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), a study has shown. 

Published on, the paper suggests that avoiding severe hypoglycaemia may be important to prevent CVD and that “less stringent glycaemic targets may be considered for type 2 diabetic patients at high risk of hypoglycaemia”.

By analyzing the results of six studies, including 903,510 patients, the study showed that between 0.6% and 5.8% of participants with type 2 diabetes experienced sever hypoglycaemia from one to five years follow up. 

Overall, people with hypoglycaemia had 1.56% greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease, but the researchers state it was “consistent with all studies, showing a positive correlation”. 

The researchers said: “Severe hypoglycaemia is associated with a 2-fold increased risk of CVD”. 

They said choices of glucose lowering agents with a low propensity to induce hypoglycaemia, patient education, and self-monitoring of blood glucose can be useful in preventing hypoglycaemia which in turn, “may be important to prevent cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetes patients”.

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