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Study reveals cancer recovery rates

Cancer has been successfully beaten by half the women and a third of the men in England who have contracted the disease, according to a new study.

A report by EuroCare published in the European Journal of Cancer (EJC), says that 60,000 women and 40,000 men recover to the extent that they have a normal life expectancy.

Despite the good news, the study found that England still lags behind other European countries, with 67.4% of breast cancer, 44% of prostate cancer, 39.9% of colorectal cancer and 12.4% of stomach cancer patients being effectively treated.

Says Professor Mike Richards, national cancer director: "I welcome the publication of this new analysis, which makes interesting reading, but it is important to stress that these findings relate to patients diagnosed over 10 years ago.”

According to the research, patients who beat the disease can hope to live as long as people who have never been diagnosed with cancer. The findings are based on data from 49 registers containing the details of 13.5m cancer patients diagnosed between 1988 and 1999.

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