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Sugar solution advice for baby jabs

New research has indicated that babies could be less likely to cry during immunisations if they are given something sugary beforehand.

Scientists analysed the results of 1,674 injections across 14 clinical trials and said a sugary solution could even have the same effect as an analgesic by numbing pain.

The study, published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood journal, looked at babies up to the age of one year. Some were given a sucrose or glucose solution, while others received water only or no treatment.

Results showed children who were given a 30% glucose solution were 20% less likely to cry after an injection. Solutions with glucose or sucrose also saw a 10% fall in the amount of time an infant would cry.

The report concluded: "Infants aged one to 12 months administered sucrose or glucose before immunisation had moderately reduced incidence and duration of crying. Healthcare professionals should consider using sucrose or glucose before and during immunisation."

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