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Sunstroke levels drop with temperatures

There was a drop in reports of heat related illness last week in line with the cooler temperatures, Public Health England (PHE) has said.  

Currently there is a Level 1 'Summer Preparedness' alert issued across all regions of England, meaning temperatures are not expected to reach heatwave threshold values until further notice.

PHE collects GP consultation data (in hours and out of hours), NHS telephone helpline calls and emergency department attendances to monitor the effects of the heatwave on people's health.

This data shows the number of people seeking advice for a variety of heat related issues such as heat/sun stroke, sunburn, dehydration or exhaustion.

Although GP consultations for heatstroke/sunstroke remained stable at a national level during this period, notably over the weekend of Saturday 20 July to Sunday 21 July there was a drop.

Current data from the Office for National Statistics shows there have been no excess deaths in England during the same period, although this picture may change in the coming weeks as the process of registering a death takes time.

Professor Virginia Murray, head of extreme events for PHE, said: “Although temperatures have dropped for now, we cannot exclude the possibility of future heatwave conditions arising. This is why it's important local authorities and the NHS are familiar with the PHE Heatwave Plan which sets out a series of actions to take if these thresholds are reached again.”