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Support for NHS computer upgrade

A major new poll has found the majority of GP practice managers across the country support the controversial plan to computerise all NHS records.

The government's multi-million pound upgrade has come under fire over soaring costs and a lack of support among the medical profession.

Under the new system more than 30,000 GPs will have a direct link to almost 300 hospitals allowing them to make instant online appointments for patients.

The technology will also act as a central medical records system for 50 million patients, will allow e-prescriptions and will also provide faster computer network links.

The new survey, from Management in Practice magazine and website, found two-thirds of GP practice managers were in favour of electronic records and Choose and Book.

In a poll of 435 managers and directors, 66% said the new electronic records system would benefit patients.

Only around 2% said it would not benefit patients while the rest were unsure or did not believe it would make any difference.

When it came to Choose and Book, 54% said not using the system would disadvantage patients, while a further 23% were undecided.

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"I do support the idea of computerised records for all patients and hope that with safeguards this will be the norm. Clerical and administration has been easier to manage; however, we at this practice do still have the problem of duplicity in our health information gathering on patients we are not fully electronically linked to other services within secondary care." - V Henry