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Support for smoking ban increases

Support for the smoking ban in Wales has increased since it came into force on 2 April, a new study shows.

In February 2006, 71% of Welsh adults backed the ban on smoking in enclosed spaces, but that figure has now risen to 80%, with 90% of non-smokers and 53% of smokers in favour, the Assembly Government said.

And Chief Medical Officer for Wales Dr Tony Jewell said some businesses have claimed "trade has never been busier".

Dr Jewell said: "The ban will dramatically improve the health of the people of Wales.

"The ban aimed to protect those workers who were suffering the deadly effects of second-hand smoke, but it was also hoped that the ban may encourage more smokers to give up."

Dr Jewell said it is estimated that there will be 400 fewer premature deaths among non-smokers each year following the new legislation.

He added that the All Wales Smoking Cessation Service has reported the number of people contacting them for help has risen by 10% since the ban was imposed.

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