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Survey to "give a voice to NHS staff"

The Healthcare Commission want NHS employees to participate in the largest survey of staff in the world.

Their fifth annual survey will ask more than 250,000 NHS staff their views on safety, violence and work-related stress.

The Healthcare Commission will then use the information to inform local and national changes in working conditions and improvements in the quality of care for patients.

“We want to give a voice to NHS staff,” says Dr Jonathan Boyce, head of surveys at the Healthcare Commission.

“The annual staff survey is a vital tool in our efforts to improve the NHS for both patients and staff. This year we hope to have a record response rate. Staff attitudes, experiences and working environment naturally affect organisational outcomes - and in the NHS this includes the quality of care patients receive.”

The Commission encourages staff from all sectors of the NHS to take part in its survey.

Last year's staff report found that violence to NHS workers had remained steady while levels of harassment and bullying were on the increase.

Dr Jonathan Boyce concludes: “I hope that NHS staff will seize this opportunity to shape their own future.”

Healthcare Commission