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Survey reveals impact on quality of life for constipation sufferers

A new multinational survey from the Dulcolax® range of laxatives reveals the significant impact on quality of life for constipation sufferers, which can be as bad as that described by some people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Overall, people who are constipated feel worse about their general health, believe they are more prone to falling ill and think that their health is more likely to deteriorate than those who are not constipated. The survey also showed that the frequency and extent to which health problems interfered with social activities were both perceived to be worse in people with constipation.

The negative impact on being able to perform normal physical activities was considered to be greater by people with constipation. These ranged from vigorous activities such as running and lifting heavy objects to bending, kneeling, stooping or even walking several hundred meters. Bodily pain was also reported more frequently in those with constipation.

Women with constipation were generally more likely to report an impaired quality of life than men, with a greater impact on social activities, perception of their general health and mental health

Dr Rob Hicks, GP and broadcaster, commented: "This international survey is extremely important for healthcare professionals - whether doctors, nurses or pharmacists - as it provides evidence that constipation not only affects sufferers physically, but also can have an impact on their day-to-day life. We should prioritise improved quality of life alongside symptom relief when treating patients presenting with this condition."


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"To eliminate constipation, drink a glass of water 15 minutes before breakfast. Add a pear to your ceareal. Before going to sleep, drink cup of hot milk" - Naheeda, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow