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Suspected E coli outbreak investigated

A suspected E coli outbreak at a Welsh fish and chip shop, which has left a woman and child fighting for their lives, is being investigated.

New mother Karen Morrisroe-Clutton and an unnamed three-year-old girl are both seriously ill in hospital after allegedly falling ill following a visit to the Llay Fish Bar in Llay, Wrexham, the suspected source of the outbreak. It has been closed by environmental health officials.

Mrs Morrisroe-Clutton is a librarian who gave birth to her son Oliver 11 weeks ago. She is being treated in Wrexham Maelor Hospital where it is understood she is on a life support machine.

The three-year-old girl, related to another person ill with the suspected bug, is being treated for renal failure at Liverpool's Alder Hey Hospital.

Another person has also been taken ill but is not in hospital. All are from the Wrexham area.

A spokeswoman for Wrexham Council confirmed it had obtained a court order to keep the Llay Fish Bar closed while investigations were carried out.

Dr Judy Hart of the National Public Health Service for Wales (NPHS) said: "The NPHS and Wrexham Council's environmental health officers are investigating four cases of E coli O157."

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"All fast food outlets should have their license revoked if such an incident occured. It was obvious from the media reporting of the venue that no monitoring was done on this shop had there been some visiting legislative govt dept involved the shop keeper would not have been allowed to continue trading in such deplorable unhygienic and unsanitary conditions. It takes members of the public to have their health affected
for this breach of good hygienic standards to be brought to light. The onus is on all of us to ensure that food distributors and more particularly fast food chains are operating in good clean and safe conditions" - V Henry, London