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Sweating doll aids health workers

The latest high-tech training tool for health professionals involves a life-size mannequin which can bleed, vomit, sweat and even have a heart attack.

The remote-controlled model, named iStan, has been created by the University of Portsmouth to help provide realistic training for doctors, nurses and dentists.

Costing £40,000, iStan has been designed to closely replicate a human's anatomical structure from the skeleton to the eyes, which have pupils which can dilate and contract.

It can also help doctors dealing with stab victims by simulating a bowel protruding from the stomach.

Its blood pressure can also fall, internal organs can bleed, lungs collapse and its bowels even makes realistic sounds. Its skin can also have goosebumps and sweat.

Professor Lesley-Jane Eales-Reynolds, said: "He can be used in real-world situations.

"For paramedic students he can be put in a crashed car or collapsed at the foot of some stairs, which is precisely the sort of situation they are likely to encounter in the real world.

"He can have a cardiac arrest or an adverse drug reaction in a dental chair, allowing staff and students in dentistry to practise skills that they could not keep honed using their patients."

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