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Swine flu advert highlights dangers

An advertising campaign aimed at highlighting how easily swine flu can be spread has been launched in newspapers.

Using the slogan "Catch It, Kill It, Bin It," the advert features a man sneezing and spreading germs as he travels home from work.

After he arrives at his house, the man turns down the volume on the television using the remote control as his son watches cartoons. The son then picks up the remote before sucking his thumb.

The advert ends with the catchline "Flu. Protect yourself and others."

Television adverts will begin on Wednesday, while public transport will carry the posters from Thursday.

Health secretary Andy Burnham said: "Vaccination of at-risk groups is well under way - a crucial defence against swine flu. But we can't vaccinate everyone straight away.

"Helping to stop the spread of flu is easy, simply by covering your nose and mouth with tissues when you cough and sneeze, throwing the tissue away and washing your hands really cuts the chances of spreading the virus.

"This campaign is a reminder of how easily germs are passed around."

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