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Swine flu patient infects nurse

A nurse treating a swine flu patient in intensive care has herself contracted the disease.

The 26-year-old works at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, and is the first health worker in Scotland to be infected.

She had been treating a 38-year-old woman at Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital, one of four swine flu patients in intensive care among 88 reported cases in Scotland.

Hospitals are now reinforcing infection barrier procedures, including face masks, for staff dealing with all suspect cases before and until they test negative,

Scottish health secretary Nicola Sturgeon has said that everyone who has been in contact with the nurse will be traced and "where appropriate" asked to stay at home and take Tamiflu.

She said: "As a result of developments over the past few days or so, we are now asking hospital staff to treat all patients with pneumonia or any other conditions that might be suggestive of this virus, to presume that they're positive until we know otherwise."

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