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Swine flu surge follows deaths

Health officials have confirmed a further 220 cases of swine flu across the UK following the death of a mother from the virus and her premature baby.

Jacqueline Fleming, 38, from Glasgow, died at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, making her the first fatality of swine flu in the UK.

She had given birth to her son Jack, who was born 11 weeks premature, just two weeks earlier.

He also died at the hospital in a special care baby unit, but an NHS Greater Glasgow spokesman said the baby did not die from swine flu.

Since the deaths, the Health Protection Agency has said an additional 142 cases of swine flu have been confirmed through laboratory testing, one in Northern Ireland and the remaining 141 in England.

Of the cases, 124 are in the West Midlands, where 512 people have now been affected with the virus.

A further 81 cases have been clinically diagnosed in Scotland, pushing the overall UK total to 1,543.

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