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Swine flu vaccine trials "adequate"

One dose of the swine flu vaccine can "provide a strong immune response" to the infection, research has shown.

GlaxoSmithKline has said that the first trial results of its vaccine in Germany exceed the requirement stipulated by authorities for obtaining a license for the vaccine.

The government, which is planning to immunise the entire British population against the flu with two doses each, has procured enough vaccine from GSK and another firm, Baxter.

The company has administered the vaccine with an adjuvant to 130 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 60, eliciting an adequate immune response from more than 98%, three weeks after they received the shot.

A vaccine adjuvant is a substance which helps boost the immune response to the main virus and strains that may develop out of it.

Jean Stephenne, president of GSK Biologicals, said: "This trial provides encouraging data on the potential use of a single dose of our pandemic vaccine.

"We have shared the data with both regulatory authorities and governments who are making key decisions on urgent global public healthcare at this time.

She added that the company would complete the present trial and 15 other studies of its clinical development programme for the vaccine.

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"I don't know what to think about the vaccination since I haven't received it. I just came back from a vacation in Australia. For months now the vaccine has been available for anyone who wants to take it. Most of the Aussies that I talked to said that they didn't know anyone who took the vaccine had any bad side-effects. I think this is just another scare
tactic by the major news networks" - Mark Manlove, Arizona