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Technology breakthrough treats breast tumours in GP surgery

Women with noncancerous breast tumours could now be treated in their general practice surgery thanks to new breakthrough technology.

A thin probe can now be inserted via an easy-to-use system into the breast tumour which is then frozen and over time reabsorbed into the body.

Dr Keith Turner from the Cambridge Design Partnership said: "This breakthrough means that a woman diagnosed with a noncancerous breast tumour can pop into her doctor's surgery, receive treatment and then get on with her day - in less time than it takes to do the weekly shop."

Prior to this development, GPs were reluctant to become involved in cryo-surgery as the equipment was bulky and difficult to use.

The main alternative to cryo-surgery has been for GPs to recommend surgery, which can result in scarring and emotional problems.

Experts say that the new procedure offers a better alternative than the hospital and has excellent cosmetic results and a dramatically reduced treatment time.

Cambridge Design Partnership