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Teenage pregnancy rates "too high"

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has admitted that teenage pregnancy rates in the UK are "too high" and said he will look at proposals to tackle the issue.

Mr Brown told MPs in the Commons that the whole country could benefit from a "better strategy" over teenage pregnancies, and said he will consider proposals put forward in a report by Labour Rhondda MP Chris Bryant.

Mr Bryant is calling for free condoms to be given to pupils, and for compulsory sex and relationship classes to be introduced into primary schools.

And he also wants all parents to be sent a booklet on their child's 11th birthday, which encourages them to talk frankly about sexual matters.

At question time, Mr Bryant said: "The most recent figures on teenage pregnancy show that Britain has the highest rate in Western Europe of any country.

"Don't we need to do more to tackle these high rates of teenage pregnancy?"

Mr Brown replied: "Rates of teenage pregnancy as you say are too high in too many areas of the country.

"We need to take action to deal with it. You have put forward proposals to deal with it. We shall look at each one of your proposals."

Chris Bryant

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"Maybe we should examine why these children are seeking sex in the first place? The need for 'touch' is paramount for our development as a child and needed as adults. There should be a development of understanding of receiving/giving touch other than sex. Lets take a few steps back before we hand out the condoms"- Name and address supplied

"A better education for both parents and children. Not just about sex, but the repercussions, the legalities, the responsibilities and that it's not easy being a parent? Alleviate the pressures on children on their sexuality and let them be children" - Name and address supplied