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Tesco launches online food and lifestyle tracker

Tesco launches UK's first free online food and lifestyle tracker... the interactive way to track what you eat.

Designed to help customers adopt healthier eating habits, it allows them to track the amount of calories, carbohydrate, fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt they have eaten in a day by giving them access to over 12,000 individual items of food and drink from all major supermarkets and popular restaurant chains.

By inputting what they have had to eat and drink customers receive analysis of the amount of nutrients they've had that day and an indication of whether the amounts for each are over or under the guideline daily amount. What's more, the tracker will even take into account any exercise they've done.

Said Karen Tonks, Tesco nutritionist said: "Healthy eating is not easy and we have had a lot of consumers asking for help and advice. It is important people understand healthy eating is not about fad diets, but a real lifestyle change. We are more likely to be successful by taking small, manageable steps. This is why we have created and are developing the Healthy Living Tracker so you can see without difficulty what you're eating and what you might need to change for a healthier lifestyle."

Healthy Living Tracker

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"Very good idea, same principal as many slimming magazines but a free service" - Name and address supplied

"How is this going to get across to the poorer and deprived population who is not likely to have home access to a PC? Only the educated and privileged will benefit" - K Tham, London