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Testosterone linked to early death

Research has indicated that men with heart disease who have low testosterone levels are more likely to die prematurely.

A study led by experts at Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital found a link between low levels of the hormone and early deaths among men with coronary heart disease.

More than 900 men with heart disease took part in the study, with 24% of them suffering from a testosterone deficiency.

Over the course of the seven-year study, approximately one in five (21%) of those with low testosterone died, as opposed to one in eight (12%) of those with normal levels.

The research team concluded that trials should be carried out to determine whether testosterone replacement treatment could reduce mortality rates among men in this group.

Writing in the cardiology journal, Heart, they said: "In patients with coronary disease, testosterone deficiency is common and impacts significantly negatively on survival.

"Prospective trials of testosterone replacement are needed to assess the effect of treatment on survival."

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