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Text sex advice service hailed

A scheme allowing children to text their questions on sex to agony aunts has cut teenage pregnancies over the past year, it has been revealed.

The Think service, run by Lincolnshire County Council, has seen more than 1,000 youngsters text trained agony aunts for advice on sex, contraception and homosexuality.

The confidential service does not keep children's numbers, and if the subject is deemed as too confidential or complicated to answer by text, they are given a national freephone number for the Sexwise advice service.

The scheme has now been rolled out to local authorities in Rutland and Nottinghamshire after a recorded drop in teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Christine Talbot, executive councillor for secondary education and healthier communities at Lincolnshire County Council, said: "The service aims to support young people to make positive decisions about relationships and sexual health.

"Interestingly, the majority of calls to the service have been about relationships and puberty, which shows us that some young people still aren't getting the basic information they need.

"We hope other areas will adapt this innovative service and that it will eventually be available to all young people."

Lincolnshire County Council

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